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About A1 Capital

Founded in 2008, A1 Capital is a specialist private equity fund in the United Kingdom that encapsulates both the operational and investment expertise in the private higher education and property landscape.

Operating from a vantage point of expert market experience and knowledge, A1 Capital combines its educational, infrastructural and operational expertise to offer profitable investment opportunities.  Since inception, it has been able to identify and transform negative investments into positive assets and has a competitive record of successful financial returns. The fund operates as a value-added business, where it builds and develops the human capital network within an organisation before exiting.

In 2008, A1 Capital acquired Educor Holdings, a leading supplier of private education, which was at a loss. The fund assisted with their turnaround strategy and Educor Holdings, now operates as a profitable, sustainable investment. The company has built a strong resume of successful long-term investments that operate in medium and large businesses. Today, A1 Capital is fully invested in the United Kingdom, Africa and internationally and continues to build a strong investor portfolio within the global landscape.

A prime asset to A1 Capital is the London College of Business Studies (LCIBS), situated in the capital of the United Kingdom, London.

To date, we have built a portfolio of successful long-term investments. Our aim is to build our asset portfolio by investing in prime locations throughout the United Kingdom and globally in the property and higher education spheres.

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What We Do


  • Provide comprehensive financial backing

  • Offer access to experienced operators

  • Expedite due diligence

  • Assist in infrastructural development through optimal support structures

  • Value-creation and development for our investees


Our vision is to strengthen and raise the profile and value of the education and property sectors globally by turning around profitable and strategic investments.


As a private equity fund, we are passionate about identifying growth opportunities within the education and property spheres and investing our operational expertise and intellectual property in bringing about profitable return on investment.

We pride ourselves on excellence in our complement of investment services. We are committed to building partnerships based on integrity while creating long-term value for all of our clients.

Our Approach

As a specialist private equity company, we aim to strengthen and energise societies through a series of meaningful investments that are sustainable and profitable, with a strategic focus on business development in education and property.

Educational Ethos

We aim to collaborate with education and property investors that are passionate about improving the education landscape globally. We are committed to all spheres of education and it remains the cornerstone of our approach.

Social Transformation

We believe in equal opportunity across all sectors of education and subscribe to investments that have a strong social transformation focus.


We identify a potential investment, assess its potential and turn it into a profitable and self-sustaining investment entity. We believe in long-term investments that are value and growth added. We offer mentorship and guidance and remain within the structure of the acquired investment by representation on the Board.

Risk Assessment

We are committed to the long-term sustainability, growth and longevity of all assets until successful exit is required. We are always in the process of conducting due diligence to assess the risk and potential of the countries that we invest in or do business with. We take reasonable precautions to ensure that all investments are world economically viable.

Relationship Building

We value all investor relationships, and continue to strive to build a knowledge bank of smart networks and to use our vast footprint as a blueprint for all investments.


The A1 Capital team brings together a unique combination of experience and talent. The result is a team with an unparalleled 75-year international record of accomplishment in the property and educational sector.

As innovative global investors, the A1 Capital specialists strive to maintain a synergistic approach, with people and profit as our key drivers. Our philosophy is rooted in best practices, tailored to satisfy the growing needs of the investor base. We invite you to meet our investment principals.

Our Investments




Educor Holdings is the largest provider of private education in Southern Africa. They have a long and successful trajectory of 350 years in the education industry, along with a Group that consists of seven distinguished educational brands across Africa – boasting an impressive student base. READ MORE








Educor Property Holdings (Pty) Ltd (EPH) is a property acquisition and development company, with a vast portfolio of 25 prime business properties and shopping malls located throughout Southern Africa, which includes 76 090,74m² of owned property for rental. The company is currently 58% owned by Educor Property Holdings. READ MORE








Educor Africa aims to enter Africa through a Pan-African strategy. Through its association with Educor Holdings, it has adopted a Hub-and-Spoke Model in order to extend its education and property footprint. Educor Africa will focus on the Anglophone countries, encompassing The SADC and East and West Africa. READ MORE





Our main touchpoint is at our United Kingdom office in London. Satellite offices and teams are available throughout the world, with and various new sites across the globe opening soon. Simply contact us below for a personalised meeting at your convenience.

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